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Friday, April 5, 2013

How Can We Help You?


Reiki and Light Healing Services can help you (Local & Nationwide Clients):
1. get Reiki to keep you healthy
2. get Reiki to help you heal yourself
2. get Reiki to help you to release lower energies
4. get Reiki to help you to transform your life
5. get Reiki to help you to deal with intense trauma
6. get Reiki to help yourself or someone else who is near death or dying
7. get Reiki to help you to manage pain

Reiki and Light blog can help you if:
1. you are new to Reiki
2. you are curious about Reiki
3. you are a Reiki student
4. you are a Reiki teacher
5. you have recieved your attunements but don't much about Reiki
6. you are a workshop Reiki teacher and want additional resources for your students
7. you are interested in Ten Nebula's Reiki services
8. you are interested in having Ten Nebula work part-time at your business as a Reiki healer, teacher or workshop facilitator

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