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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Who created Reiki?

Mikao Usui
A man by the name of Mikao Usui (died 1930), who was principal of the Doshisha university in Kyoto, Japan and also a Christian minister created the traditional technique. He took residency at a Zen Buddhist Monastery and studied ancient healing techniques. And he later had a three-week period of meditation, fasting and prayer on Mt. Koriyama in Japan. There he was struck with light in his third eye and saw the symbols used for traditional and contemporary Reiki healing.

There are many versions of his life story.

Chujiro Hayashi
He received the Reiki Master degree from Usui at 47 in 1925

Hawayo Takata
She was one of the 1st women to become a Reiki Master by Hyashi in 1941.
She helped bring Reiki to the U.S.

What are some of the benefits of using Reiki?

* Creates deep relaxation and calm
* Aids the body to release stress and tension
* It accelerates the body's self-healing abilities
* Relieves pain
* Can help with acute (injuries) and chronic problems (asthma, eczema, headaches, etc.)
* Aids the breaking of addictions
* Assists the body in cleaning itself from toxins
* Supports the immune system
* Raises the vibrational frequency of the body
* Helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing
* Aids meditation and positive thinking
* Releases blocked and suppressed feelings
* Promotes creativity
* Balances the energies in the body

Reiki Attunements

A Reiki attunement connects the reciever in an increased way to its limitless source.
The attunements are meant to help us clear on various levels of being. The process of attunement or initation is what sets Reiki apart from every form of laying on hands or touch healing. In the life force energy of Reiki, the person who is attuned as a Reiki healer has had her body's energy channels opened and cleared of obstructions by the Reiki attunements.

There are three Reiki attunement levels:

1)Reiki 1: Physical / Self-Healing (takes 3 to 4 weeks to adjust attunement)
Deals greatly with first charka (Root). Grounding and feeling connected.

2)Reiki II: Emotional / Mental Clearing, Healing, and Re-Integration
(takes about 6 months to adjust attunement).
Deals with belly (creativity) & solar plexus (personal power) chakras.
Able to assist with Reiki energy and do healing sessions on others.

3)Reiki III: Teacher / Master Level (ability to pass attunements to others)

Reiki Symbols

1. Cho-Ku-Rei
Increase power, light switch, given to 2nd degree students

2. Sei-he-kei
Emotional healing, purifcation, protection, clearing, given to 2nd degree students

3. Hon-sha-ze-sho-nen
Distance healing, absent healing, the akashic records, past-present-future, given to 2nd degree

4. Dai-ko-myo
Healing the soul, passing attunements, given to 3rd degree/ master level students

5. Raku
the lightning bolt,for passing attunements, given to 3rd degree/ master level students

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Manifesting With Reiki

You can manifest abundance, relationsips, jobs, etc with Reiki. the Universe is abundant and can give you want you desire. Be clear and ethical. Do you best not to violate anyone's free will.

Ways to create what you want
1. You can write down what you want
2. Draw an image of what you want
3. Visualize what you want
4. Manifesting Grid
- Visualize you wish with you in it
- Place the earth behind it (and you)
- Bring a golden grid over the picture, diagonal or spiral,running from sky to earth
- Draw the cho-ku-rei over the whole picture
- Hold the image for aslong as you can,then let go

After you get clear about what you want
1.Place or send a cho-ku-rei to the picture, drawing, or image
2.The cho-ku-rei can be drawn, psychically sent, or motioned with the hand

Words that can be used to close up manifestation work
(Taken from Marion weinstein, author of "Positive Magic")

"I ask for these things, their equivalent or better,
accodring to free will, harmiing none,
and in accordance with the highest and greatest good of all"

Distance Reiki Healing

Reiki II symbols make absentee healing possible.
This means doing Reiki for someonewho is not physically present, someone you cannot put your hands on for the session. Absentee healing is basically a process of visualization in a meditative state.

Distance healing can be done on people, animals, the earth, etheric beings, crystals.

Session can be done in a quiet, private room. Get permission beforehand or check in with your feelings to see if it is alright to do the session. The person receiving it may feel it.

There are variety of ways to do distance healing:
1. See the person and fill their aura with light and Reiki symbols
2. Imagine giving the person a reiki session
3. Imagine the person or thing small enough to fit in your hands
4. Imagine your knee as the recieveing person and do the healing as if it were.
5. Use a teddy bear, doll, pillow, photgraph as the person. Then do the healing on the item.
6. Take a piece of paper and write the person/place/thing on it and energize the paper.

Send Reiki energy to Others Often:
Please make time to send lots of Reiki energy to
1. the Earth
2. humanity
3. family
4. friends
5. neighbors
6. town, city, state, or country
7. all aspects of your life
8. your pets and animals
9. your plants
10. your crystals
11. your body

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Reiki Use on The Dying

Reiki can be a great gift and tool to use with someone who is dying or near death. It brings comfort and reduces discomfort. You may also choose to pass attunements to someone who is near death to assist with the death process.