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We offer Reiki treatments, long-distance healings, attunements, workshops, trainings & courses.

We offer our Reiki services to local clients in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco, Berkeley & Oakland), CA and nationwide clients.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Reiki & Light Healing Services (Prices)

We offer our Reiki services to clients in our city and nationwide U.S.
Private sessions take place in clients home's or residence (i.e. homes, senior homes, hospitals, hospice, group homes, half-way houses, etc.)

What We Offer:
- Reiki Individual Treatments
- Reiki Attunements
- Group Workshops
- 1-day Trainings
- Reiki Staff Trainings
- Public Talks on Reiki
- Reiki Long Distance healing
- Reiki Shares & Circles
- Reiki I Certification Course
- Reiki II Certification Course
- Reiki Master Accelerated Course

Individuals Sessions (In-Home or by phone)
*Individual Reiki Treatments/Sessions (1-hour): $90.00

Reiki Long-Distance Healing
Done by phone. Fee is $90.00 (1-Hour)

Reiki Attunements Offered:
1. Attunements can be offered in a group workshop or by themselves.
2. To receive only an attunement by me, I recommend you reading "Essential Reiki" beforehand, if you are unfamiliar with Reiki.
3. Only receiving an attunement with no trainings works best for clients who are very self-motivated and will study Reiki on their own.
4. Attunement session can be done in-person or over the phone.

*Level 1 - $100
*Level 2 - $200
*Level 3 & Master (done together) - $300

Private Instruction & Workshop
(includes mini-Reiki session, does not include attunement)
Per person $200.00

Reiki I Certification Course
Available to clients in the U.S.
Total charge - $700.00

Reiki II Certification Course
Available to clients in the U.S.
Total charge - $900.00

Reiki Master Accelerated Course
Available to clients in the U.S.
Total charge - $1,300.00

*Reiki Group Treatments
*Reiki Group Workshops & Attunements (Max. 12 people)
*Reiki Staff Trainings

*Public Talks on Reiki

Contact for an appointment: Tennebula@gmail.com

Thanks kindly for your business!!!!

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